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  The Last Land
Austrian Pavilion, Giardini
June12 – November 6, 2005
daily 10 am – 6 pm
Giardini: closed on Mondays
Arsenale: closed on Tuesdays

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Catalog texts

Max Hollein
Hans Schabus: Das letzte Land
(The Last Land), 2005
(pdf, 620 KB)

Max Hollein
Hans Schabus: L’Ultima Terra, 2005
(pdf, 188 KB)

Elke Krasny
The Butterfly, the Garden,
the Island, and the Mountain
(pdf, 780 KB)

Franz Xaver Baier
Mining the Multiply Folded Mountain
(pdf, 1 MB)

August Ruhs
In the (Un)depths of Cognition or
The Last is also the First
(pdf, 36 KB)


Commissioner Max Hollein (rtf, 144 KB)
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